frequently asked questions
What is a GirlBand?

It’s more than a head band, more than a hat. Wear it tall or scrunched down; with hair over the top or tucked in and under.

As well as a unique fashion accessory, the stretchy GirlBand holds and keeps hair simple. Great for yoga, workouts, gardening, camping… endless options for individual flair… or even a bad hair day resolve.


To extend the life and stretch of your GirlBand, hand wash in cold water and lay flat to dry.


GirlBands are individually sewn so variations can be expected. Because of the wonderful variety of fabrics used in the creation of GirlBands, there are no standard sizes.

Due to the varying stretch factor of each GirlBand fabric, they all fit a little bit differently. Generally, they fit a 21-22” head.

Even though most of the fabrics have been pre-washed and dried, some fabrics loosen with wear over time.

Colors and Patterns

Fabric colors viewed online will not necessarily be a true representation of the actual fabric.

Patterns on your GirlBand may vary from what is seen on the website. Some prints are large and vary in repetition by the yard, resulting with each band displaying a different section of a particular design.

Limited Editions

GirlBands are not mass produced. I purchase fabrics in limited quantity; mostly remnants. Therefore, when a certain fabric runs out, generally it cannot be ordered it again. When it’s gone it’s gone. The remnants tend not to display their fabric content.


You are welcome to exchange your Girlband for another, if it’s not right for you, within 10 days of purchase.


A portion of GirlBand proceeds will go to support animal rescue services and/or environmental causes.

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